Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stuff I learned today

I probably got home before everyone who bailed out of the office early when they heard about the accident on 480, because by the time I got to the on-ramp, traffic was moving.

Even though it makes me writhe with embarrassment, there is some switch that flips inside my brain and makes me sing along to cheesy '80s songs like "Careless Whisper."

It is amazingly fun to stalk an item of which there is a very limited quantity if you do it with a group of friends.

When a friend calls you at work and you are giddy because everyone in your group got one, stop coding. You do not need to put http://www.blackphoenixtradingpost.com/jewelry.html in volume 14 of the Indiana practice series (scroll down to the clockwork locket and die of envy).

First cousins can marry in Indiana, provided they are both over the age of sixty-five.

My noisy young next-door neighbor can be a complete doll--he's out there right now, cutting my horribly overlong grass and only charging me forty bucks.

And I already knew this, but it is so lovely to come home to a big box o'stuff ordered from teh interwebbinetz. Best part? I have two more boxes coming this week and then my scent locket sometime after that.

I am so excited about JammiesFest 2008 that I made a ticker:

Good day!


Sherri said...

Woo hoo for the counter!

Now I just hope I can find the box in which your birfday prezzies were packed before July....

rgraham666 said...

Woot! I can hardly wait myself. :D

And thanks for all the cool info.

Bookworm Mathgeek said...

"First cousins can marry in Indiana, provided they are both over the age of sixty-five."

I can attest that when Captain Crossword and I went to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license prior to our Ohio wedding, we had to swear that we were no more closely related than first cousins. We had to swear to some other things, too, but those items were not nearly so memorable.

Seriously... we were standing there in the courthouse with our hands raised, giggling at the oookiness of first cousin marriage.

The person who was taking our oath didn't even crack a smile, so I'd guess that she's used to some amount of giggling during the marriage-license-swear process.

So, I'd think that first cousins could marry in Ohio, as well.