Thursday, May 22, 2008


Not much to report here, except that I've had low-grade nausea and been very tired for about a day and a half. I'm done with the antibiotics for the paronychis, so it shouldn't be that, and I'd think if it was some kind of infection, the Augmentin would have taken care of that.

I did get my clockwork scent locket from the Trading Post, and it's even lovelier in person than in the pictures. There is a tradition among BPALz of taking a headless torso pic when you get a locket, and I've taken mine. I'm waiting for the rest of the friends who were in my gang to get their clockets so we can all post our pics together. I did learn not to wear lavender-based scents in the locket when I'm feeling lethargic--I had to take it off while I was driving home so that I wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel. Tomorrow I'll have to wear something bright and sunny so I can snort it and wake up.

It's almost the weekend, and while I'm not thrilled about the sheer amount of work I have to do on the flowerbeds, I am looking forward to how good they will look when I'm done.


Mike from Eerie who has no patience for being a patient said...

Its bad enough i'm goin in for my 200,000 mile transmission overhaul - you just isn't supposed to be sick.

Jammies said...

It's okay--I spent Saturday sleeping and I feel much better today. :)