Saturday, May 31, 2008


There are now fifteen bags of mulch left in the garage, and when it cools down some, I'm going to go see how many I can use up. It looks as if buying sixty bags wasn't too many and in fact, I could use a few more.

The new colombines are gorgeous--dark purple, verging on black and double-petaled. My two double clematis (Empress and Crystal Fountain) in the front are blooming like crazy and very healthy, but it appears that only two of the mini-roses I attempted to transplant have made it. The new Korean lilac looks very tiny and alone in the spot where the old one used to be.

Amy's pictures of her beloved Lexi have been loaded to Photobucket and the KogiMug for her birthday commissioned.

Littlefoot has an appointment to be trimmed to within an inch of his fuzzy little hide.

I've had a lovely nap and am now ready to tackle the evening!

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