Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A true friend will tell you when you stink! :-)

Granted, Maresche wasn't that blunt today at work, but she did make me aware that I cannot use tea tree oil-based products if I am going to be around other people. I have been using a Lush shower gel to try to tame some severe skin irritation, and while I thought the smell was fading, it turns out I'd just gotten used to it. Thankfully, I'm now aware that I smell like an ancient medicine cabinet when I use it, and will confine my self-treatments to weekends.


Sherri said...

Oh yeah, tea-tree based stuff has to be doctored heavily to be tolerable.

I just got a tea-tree and mint spray stuff for my stinky feet. So far, so good. Now if they will just stop hurting...

rgraham666 said...

As a pipe smoker I'm well aware of how I'm not aware of how I smell.

Does that make sense? ;)