Thursday, May 31, 2007

Progress has been made

I feel a little better, now that I've compiled a list of all of my plants

I've got:

In the large circular bed in the front yard:

Pink allium
Pink & white daffodils
White grape hyacinths
Pink & white striped creeping phlox
White foxglove
Pink bellflowers
A shepherd's hook with two baskets of pink flowered ivy geraniums

In the bed along the front walk:
White lamium
Pink, purple and white gladiolus
1 Josephine clematis
2 Black Knight butterfly bushes

In the bed against the front of the house:
4 pink azaleas
5 white lamium
3 lamb's ears
1 Crystal Fountain clematis
10 Dusty Miller

In the bed along the driveway:
Hidcote, Munstead & Lavender Lady lavender
5 baby lilac trees
Grape hyacinths
1 Black Knight butterfly bush

In the bed next to the street:
White gladiolus
1 baby Buckeye tree
3 baby Witch Hazel trees
1 Pam's Choice foxglove
Hanging planter with geranium, purple & pink petunias and silvery helichrysum

In pots:

1 Early Girl tomato
2 Big Beef tomato

1 huge spider plant
5 or 6 mock orange plants
4 sweet basil
1 English Ivy
1 burgundy Oxalis
2 green Oxalis
2 cyclamen
Lots of geraniums
2 jade plants
1 aloe plant

In the bed next to the turnaround and leading to the garage:

2 dill
1 Sweet Woodruff
2 Ajuga
1 white creeping phlox

8 Casablanca lilies
1 Josephine clematis
3 pink lamium

Along the back wall of the house:
Purple gladiolus
Morning glories
1 mock orange vine

In the bed in the middle of the back yard:
80 white gladiolus
18 blue & purple gladiolus

1 lavender tall phlox
1 Blue Light clematis
9 blue creeping phlox
1 iris
3 white butterfly bushes
1 Blue Muffin viburnum

1 Blue Billow hydrangea
1 pussywillow, standard
1 pussywillow with pink catkins
28 Dusty Miller

2 PeeGee hydrangea
2 dinner plate hibiscus in pink & white

In the bed in the way back:
7 lilies-of-the-valley
8 astilbe

English Ivy

In the bed on the side of the garage:
2 giant hostas
1 heuchera
1 japonica
1 Annabelle hydrangea


I think I got everything listed! Bolded items are new this year. Dinner is going to be fresh mozzarella & grape tomatoes, wrapped up in giant basil leaves just picked from my plants.

I'm also feeling good because tonight I had a close look at a newly-fledged baby robin, trying to hide from me because he can't quite fly yet. Pictures soon.


rgraham666 said...


That's quite a list.

Well done, Jammies. :)

Sherri said...

That's a lot of green thumbin' lady!