Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

After two hours in the garden this morning, I got cleaned up and went out to my parents' house. For Mother's Day, my mom cooked me lunch and gave me flowers.

Of course, I also took her a present--a pretty little metal flowerpot painted white and filled with Skindecent Blackberry Freesia goodies. I also took her a little hot pink azalea I'd rescued from the bargain basket at Marc's for twenty-five cents. She lost several plants to last winter's big storm, so I knew she was looking for azaleas, and I felt terrible for this little one where it had been left with no water at Eastertime. I got it on the road to recovery, and told it that it was going to azalea heaven, where Mom will take really good care of it. Hopefully, it will get all big and strong and survive next winter.

As I mentioned, Mom made lunch, and while we were all eating our quiche, I told Dad the story of last week's epic buying spree. Being my father, he had to make a comment about how putting the mulch (in bags, mind you) in the garage wasn't a good idea because it can attract rats. Eep. Hopefully, I'll use it up much too quickly for that to happen. I used four bags yesterday refreshing two of the beds in the front and fourteen in the middle back today. Yesterday, I planted three spotted lamium with pale pink flowers and two bugleweeds, then trucked all of the mulch for this morning out to the back. I believe I can use the rest up next weekend, before any rats find their way into the garage.

After lunch, Mom & I went out to her back yard and planted the azalea and dug up some lamium. I have lamium with purple flowers (Beacon Silver) in one spot in my yard, the new stuff with pink flowers (Pink Pewter) in another, but I have not been able to find the white-flowered plants anywhere. Fortunately, Mom's cranesbill hasn't quite forced out the lamium, so she dug up a bunch of healthy plants and I put them in the very front flowerbed as soon as I got home. After Mom had opened her present, we'd had lunch and dug up flowers, I admired everything in her garden and we actually sat down for ten minutes, as Mom said, "pretending we are ladies of leisure." The weather cooperated perfectly today, and it wound up being a wonderful Mother's Day.


the queen said...

Ooooo how I evny you lamium. Nover had a bit of luck with that or with irises.

Jammies said...

If it helps the envy, I have no luck with irises and too many deer to plant tulips.

Jay said...

we put out 6 bags of mulch yesterday as well... mom worked hard for her card and little gift of a notepad & pen in case ($2.99).

Jay said...

you know, I messaged you a pic to your cell (assuming the number I have for you is your cell, I think it is) of a nice magnolia blossom in pre-bloom stage. I never got a response back. *pout*

Jammies said...

I never got the message, darling. Either that or I'm just too cell-impaired to figure out how to retrieve it. I have never used the text messaging function on my phone because Verizon charges for each message. I'll go look.