Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bird brain

Robins have nested in the weeping cherry tree at the front of my house. It's a perfect nesting spot, as I've not trimmed the tree and you can't see inside it at all.

However, the male keeps seeing his reflection in the living room picture window and throwing himself at the glass to attack "the other robin." I spend my mornings listening to bonking noises as he hits the glass, falls to the ground and launches himself up to do it again.

You can see why "bird brain" isn't a compliment.


Scott said...

Birds can sometimes put their nests in the silliest places imaginable, which is why birds will never conquer the world.

Jammies said...

The nest is actually in a very sensible place. It's his self-aggression that's silly and going to cost him.

rgraham666 said...


I know people like that.

Jammies said...

Don't we all, Rob, don't we all. ;-)