Friday, May 18, 2007

Lucky me!

On Wednesday, I went out to take some pics of my lamium, just to make The Queen jealous. What I got was instant karma for being smug about my plants. One of my neighbor's trees had come crashing down into my yard and was resting on the corner of the garage.

I'm lucky because the tree didn't do any damage to the garage and because my neighbor is being very nice about the whole thing. He's coming over tomorrow morning with a friend and a chainsaw and they're going to get the tree out of my way. I might have lost a japonica bush, but I won't know until the tree is gone. It could have been much worse.

I did take some pictures of the lamium and some other garden pics:


the queen said...

Oh, bring it, girl. Just you wait until June when my precious climbing rose flowers in dainty little thumbnail size perfect rosebuds.

Canuck Girl said...

Always an adventure

Jammies said...

I'll be happy to see the pics and post suitably jealous remarks, your majesty.

Indeed it is, World's Best Heather, and one you shall experience in July (with any luck).

Sherri said...

Preeeeety pictures!

If I can drive the 1000 miles (I checked) to get there, certain Canadians can drive the considerably shorter distance or fave mighty pouting.