Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Saturday

My neighbors got the fallen tree chopped up & removed, I cleaned out the birdbath, planted two lamium, eight lavender, ten Dusty Miller, two dill, four sweet basil and one sweet woodruff and got the old wood off the Annabel hydrangea. Josh came over and did the lawn, and now it is raining softly, which all of my new plants needed.

Now that the tree is gone, I've no excuse to avoid getting mulch back into the farthest corner of the yard and creating the bed I've planned for back there. Most of the lilies-of-the-valley have come up, and I need to clean out all the weeds and get the mulch down. I keep telling myself that if I could use up fourteen bags of mulch and still make it to Mom's for lunch last Sunday, six bags of mulch and making it out there for dinner should be easy-peasy.

Dad's cousin and his wife are in town, and I love getting the chance to talk to them. Larry works for Associated Press and Ann for the Committee to Protect Journalists, and conversations with them range all over the place. They're both extremely bright, up on current events, and funny as all get out. Unfortunately, I don't get to see them more than once a year. I'm going to make sure everything I need to do here is done so that I can stay as late as possible.

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Basil F. Zackerly said...

You planted ten Dusty Miller's? Iz u a mass murder lady?

PS - i knew u wuz kinda sweet on me.