Saturday, May 05, 2007


Today was a high-octane day. I had a 10% off coupon for Home Depot, so I made a list of everything I need for the summer season and headed off to the car with $300 and the coupon in my pocket. I bought 30 retaining wall stones, 5 bags of drainage rocks for the wet spots in the back yard, 25 bags of pea gravel for walkways, 2 ginormous bags of potting soil, mosquito dunkers, a white creeping phlox, 4 tomatoes, a concrete birdbath & pedestal, a light fixture for the kitchen and one for the hallway.

I had to make two trips in the car because the birdbath and the retaining wall stones were so heavy. I just pitched the stones into the front yard, unloaded the birdbath, light fixtures, plants and potting soil and went back for the pea gravel & drainage stones. After lunch, when I set the retaining stones around the bed in the front yard, I discovered I needed forty instead of thirty. The bed will look nice, but right now it looks unfinished.

Tonight, I was going to go out and use the little mower to get a couple of spots Josh keeps missing with the tractor, but I couldn't get the thing started. I don't know if it was all the work today or the fact that I haven't really exercised my upper arms since last summer, but I was pretty ticked at myself for not being able to start the thing.

Just as I had given up and retreated to the breezeway, Josh & Amy showed up. Apparently, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so Josh wanted to do the lawn tonight. While he cut the grass, Amy & I went to Marc's and I bought forty bags of mulch. We had to make two trips, and the guy who helped us load the car said I won the prize for the most mulch purchased in one trip. The cashier's eyes about bugged out when I said I wanted forty bags. *grin*

So Amy and I got the mulch in the garage, which will motivate me to use it up so I can park my car in there again. We talked a bit, I paid Josh for the lawn and Amy for the help with the mulch, gave Amy some bath stuff from Skindecent, and they left.

Tomorrow, I've got to hit the ground running to get the cleaning done before I have lunch with my dragon buddy, Dranoel. I'm also organizing a surprise box for someone on the Lush forum who was the victim of a hate crime, and I haven't checked my personal messages there in a while.

I'm not doing that tonight, though. I just had a marvelous strawberry lemonade bath, and while I've got lots of new bruises and I'm sure I will creak in the morning, today was absolutely worth all the bother.

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Canuck Girl said...

Just reding that makes me feel both tired and lazy.

Go JAmmies, Go!