Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A bored Jammies is a dangerous Jammies

Yes, boredom has set in, along with its buddy, cabin fever. This morning, even though I'm not supposed to drive, I got in the car and made the ten-minute jaunt to Taco Bell. Once there, I couldn't make up my mind, so I got a number of different things, most of which are now in my refrigerator, mocking me for buying them. I actually ate a chicken soft taco (too many onions) and a grilled steak taquito (cute commercials, but the product is just the steak soft taco with a new name) and feel guilty for the steak quesadillas and the rest of the taquitos sitting in my refrigerator. I wonder if I would have made the suicidal fast-food run if the UPS guy had been a little faster? You see, when I got home, there was A Box waiting for me. A Box from Sherri, sent before she left for Tahoe. There were five Charlaine Harris books on loan, bunny barrettes, bunny socks, a bunny pen, a frog notepad, a grow your own voodoo doll, a grow your own prince, and two bottles of Dr. Bronner's soap. This is amazing stuff--the label reads like a schizophrenic's wet dream and the soap is so pure that I'm not kidding when I say I'm so clean I squeak. I'm going to save the peppermint for when I need to WAKE UP, because when I tried the lavender, the scent was so strong it knocked me down and sat on me! :-O It's the truest, cleanest, strongest lavender scent I've run across in a lifetime of trying bath products, and right now, I am squeaky-clean, warm, utterly boneless and sleepy.

Even if I'm not supposed to drive, shop, or take baths, at least I'm allowed to nap.


Sherri said...

Yes, the Dr. Bronner's is a mighty, mighty soap. And yes, reading the bottle will make you wonder just who this madman is.

And I only sent you the SMALL bottles -- there is MORE TEXT in the same sized font on the LARGE bottles.

Oh, and a warning on the peppermint -- rub anything like a mucus membrane with caution and a generous warm water ablution. It will give you a new meaning for "Waking Up Fresh".

Rob said...

Boneless Jammies. That sets my twisted little mind to work.

*HUGS* Jammies. Get well.

KLN said...

I have the Bronners lavender in a bar, and some almond, and lemon verbena, too. What I don't have (and envy Jammies every second), is a bathtub. Sigh.

Take it easy missy, taco hell, really?