Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Best of...?

In the most recent issue of Northern Ohio Live, the new food columnist bemoaned the fact that Clevelanders and other residents of NE Ohio are not yet ready for whole pigs' heads and similar delicacies. I personally am not ready to eat a pig's head or its feet, but I did notice that an earlier issue of NOL, devoted to the "Best of..." had in its restaurant category a huge number of chain eateries.

While I find it a bit irritating to be lumped in with the residents of Cleveland, which frequently happens to those of us who live in the area but outside of the city, what I really find irritating is that the folks who responded to the initial survey ignored many of our exceptional local restaurants. With places like Crave, LeFever's, Moe's, Mariachi Loco and others available, it is incomprehensible to me that Panera, Damon's and Olive Garden made the list.

C'mon, Buckeyes, even if we're not ready for pig heads, let's at least support some of our wonderful local restaurants!


Alessia Brio said...

Yum! Mariachi Loco!

Jammies said...

Gonna take EVERYBODY there for JammiesFest '07!

*big grin*

Jay said...

I personally think that "regional chains" are okay for being on a "best of" eating list... but "national chains" should not be in a local magazine/paper's list of "the best places to eat" in an area.

if they honestly are the best places to eat in an area.......... well.... I weep for you.

Jammies said...

Jay, they're not. We have the wonderful places I mentioned, it's just that they seem to get ignored.

Trust me, I won't haul you to a single national chain restaurant in July.

Rob said...



I avoid chains of all types. Except the ones used in the bedroom, those are fun.