Sunday, February 25, 2007

Maybe it's the drugs

but I don't feel the elation I should feel upon knowing that since July 6, 2006, I've lost 102 pounds.

I just feel discouraged. I've lost a small person, and I'm still fat.



Alessia Brio said...

{{{Jammies}}} You're an incredible woman.

snicker said...

Stop that, or I will come up there and smack your ever decreasing butt.

Mike From Eerie said...

You have made many major choices that will make your life healthier and happier.

How dare you feel upset just because you are "fat"!! Do you realize what you have done, and how much I admire the hell out of you for doing that? You quit a bad habit, and have gone thru two major surgeries!! You should realize how what you have done is wonderful!!!

(Meanwhile I gotta go find the lil person you lost.)

KLN said...

YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW, MISSY. You've done amazing work and look at that progress. Be proud of what you've accomplished, and the good things still to come.

Jammies said...

Hey! I just discovered my collarbones again! :-D