Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Big snowstorm here in NE Ohio (lots of other places, too, I'm not being insular). This is what my driveway and back yard looked like at 4:30 yesterday when I got home from work:

This is from 7:00 this morning, after Josh had come over and plowed the driveway:

I can always tell when Amy has ridden shotgun with him--she shovels part of the sidewalk and up to the breezeway door while Josh plows. She is such a sweetie!

All of the county offices were closed today, along with many businesses and pretty much all of the schools. The courts and the post office were open, and so was our office. Goldilocks didn't make it in, but the rest of us did, and we had a quiet and fairly productive day. Of course, I wanted to be home, maybe to play outside with the puppymonsters and then come inside to a roaring fire and some hot chocolate, but nooooo, I had to work. Bleah. Hopefully the snow will still be in playable condition this weekend. Next week, once I'm home from the hospital, it won't matter one tiny little bit how much it snows, so it probably won't snow at all.


mike from eerie who hates winter said...

I hate winter.

I hate winter.

I hate winter.

Oh by the way, did I mention, that I hate winter.

Rob said...

We got the same storm here in Toronto.

Of course, everybody in the city has forgotten what winter is like. I mean it's been a year. Who thought it would happen again? ;)

mike from eerie who still hates winter said...

I know what you mean. The first major blizzard usually means people drive like idiots. (Like I told someone at one of my favorite bookstores once, "There were a lot of idiots on the road, so i figured I would stop here so there would be one less.")

I still hate winter.

Jammies said...

You two were separated at birth, weren't you?

Canuck Girl said...

I got a snow day out of it (and conned JP into staying home with me) so I don't mind winter.