Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mom, Heather & Mallie!

Happy early birthday to three ladies I admire and adore.

The hardest part was packing Mallie's box.

I started with the box in which she sent my Christmas pressies:

Then, I tempted the present over to the box:

Finally, I added Mallie's birthday present:

I'm a bit worried that it hasn't gotten to Floridoom yet. I hope the airholes were big enough...


Sherri said...

Yeah, right, like Fuzzybutt would LET you make the airholes too small. He'd kill himself with his own methane.

Jay said...

that's "jiffy pop butt"!

mike from eerie, pa said...

If you send Jiffy Pop Butt anywhere it had darn well better be to Eerie, PA