Friday, February 23, 2007

A Flash of Fang

While I do appreciate all the offers of help while I am home, I am going to very quietly bitch here. When I say, "Thanks, but I'm fine," I mean it. When I am sick or in pain, it is wisest to think of me as a large, cranky, messy-haired forest critter. I prefer to hide in my den, emerging on occasion for medical treatment or for sympathy and fussing, but generally, I like to spend my healing time alone. Anyone who attempts to reach into the den will see a flash of fang and hear a long growl.

My mother, bless her heart, understands this about me. She will ask how I'm doing, provide sympathy if I mention pain or sickness, and then leave me alone. My father, on the other hand, would have made an excellent 1950s movie-type nurse. He wants to fuss and provide remedies and pat hands and all that jazz.

As long as I have my pain pills and an adequate supply of food & coffee, I don't need much beyond a "poor baby" or two. Now I have to go call a friend and thank her for her offer to come over with movies I don't want and try not to growl at her.


KLN said...

Poor Baby!

[patting hand from a great distance, don't like teeth marks. Well, from women, anyway ;-)]

scardysnicker said...

I was gonna call, but you scares me.

Maybe next week. :P

the lithrotripsy kid aka mike from eerie said...

Ya know I have been wonderin about this since you orignally posted it.

I wonder if it is a gender thing - because I have to admit sometimes i am the typical wuss male when it comes to being sick. In the week and a half I was married I was severly ill twice - the one time i definately wanted to be mothered (and ended up whining to my wife about missing my mother - that probably didnt do my marriage any good) but one time I was chronically sick for about a month and for the most part wanted to be left alone.

After the first lithrotripsy I almost asked a neighbor who had picked me up from the hospital to stay overnight, but thought against it. Friday, after the third one, once I am home and have a sufficient supply of pain pills, I'll have the tv on, the phone unplugged, and basically be sleeping or resting not wanting to be bothered. (Of course that morning I'll send out one of my typcial - hey, just so ya know this is when its happening emails.)

So maybe its not gender - maybe its just age? The truth of the matter is one of the things I hate about being alone is being alone when I am sick, but the truth is I wouldn't want anyone to be around when I am sick anyhow.

This is either extremely self enlightening or sad, not sure which.