Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Jammies without a bath is like

...any unpleasant simile, really. I am sore and cranky and all rumpled up in my soul. Plus my bathtub is blue with orange from my showers (which are so very not the same as a bath) and my dishwasher is a giant drying rack and I'm worried about doing laundry.

On Monday there are three companies coming to give me estimates, and my dad is going to try to be here. Nothing like a Monday full of grumpy old men. :P


Anonymous said...

Was Beau originally a white dog?

Romantic Heretic said...


It will be fine. :)

Grumpy old Mike from Eerie said...


You are having a grumpy old man party on Monday.

And you didn't invite me????


Canuck Girl said...

That is not good, not good at all. How is my Jammies shaped friend managing without a bath! I know I am not dealing well with not being allowed to have a bath (I was actually going to try and enlist you to have a bath in my honour) but you are a bigger bath junkie than me.