Monday, June 02, 2008

WTF is going on with my hydrangea bush?

There is another cat living under there. This one is a grey adolescent, in that lanky, leggy, adorably clumsy but not really cute stage.

*chants* I am not buying cat food, I am not buying cat food, I am not buying cat food!


Canuck Girl said...

You are so buying cat food,,,you know it.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that word gets out about what soft hearted sucker lives where.


Mike from Eerie said...

Thats true. Kittehs knows dese fings. You is like a halfway house for kittehs in NE Ohio.

Sherri said...

Yup. You'll start with some guilt scraps, and you'll end up with cat food. You know it's true. The idea of a starving kitteh under the bush will keep you from sleeping.

Jammies said...


No cat food!

Mike from Eerie who lurbses kittehs said...

Ok she wrote that last entry about an hour ago. Shall we start a little pool to determine when she gets the cat food? I say a box of Friskies on the way home from work tomorrow.

Becs said...

Jammies, don't! Don't take them in! Do not feed them! Call a bunch of pet rescue groups in your area and ask to borrow a trap. Catch them, call the rescue group and have them put the cats up for adoption.

Trust me, I have 12 cats and they cost me about $2400 / year. I love them dearly but I can't bring myself to think about the vacations I could have gone on and the money I could have saved.

Just one or two means there are alway many more lurking in the undergrowth.

You are NOT a heartless cow if you do this.

rgraham666 said...

You've got enough animals in your life, Jammies, me amongst them.

Although I'm really low maintenance.

No cat food!

Mike from Eerie said...

Guys - she won't keep the cat!! Knowing Jammies she has checked the local lost and found section of the paper, and if that doesn't work will start scouting around for people to adopt it. Which means I get asked at some point.

The Footes' ain't gonna like having a kitteh around - although Little Foot is just gonna think of it as a big play toy.