Friday, June 13, 2008

I'll admit it--sometimes I am five

From 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., I was a responsible adult. I paid my bills, did my job, drove safely, had yogurt for breakfast, etc.

But when I left work, I went and spent my "allowance" on retaining bricks, limestone gravel, marble chips and potting soil. Then I picked up a soft, slimmer, tangle-free, sweet-scented and very adorable Littlefoot at the groomer's (bless his dumb little heart, he tried to walk out through the picture window).

After dinner, I went out and spread the limestone gravel in the soggy spot in my back flowerbed, then covered it over with the last four bags of mulch. I got four tomatos planted and about 2/3 of the stones on top of the first layer of the round bed in the front yard.

Then the thunderstorm started.

Instead of going inside, I kept potting and playing out in the rain. I splashed around in puddles in the driveway, cleared the driveway drain about three times, sang to myself and had a great time. When I came in, I was utterly drenched and filthy, and while I did towel off most of the dirt and wash my arms, my bath is going to feel amazing tonight. And yes, my inner five year old will be happy with bubbles and glitter!


Becs said...

Sounds lovely.

I have a strong aversion to getting dirty, something I never had as a kid. In fact, this crept up on me gradually. Must see what I can do about reversing the trend.

But you're right, being all muddy, wet and dirty is something that satisfies our inner five year old.

Sherri said...

yet another reason I adore you so.

Unfortunately for me, my inner five year old now only throws tantrums and gets a little freaked about dirty because it makes her itchy -- which most emphatically did NOT happen to my actual 5 year old self, who was usually eyes deep in it.

rgraham666 said...

That's my Jammies. :D