Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's what I didn't say...

(song title from Saving Jane)

aka Medical Snobservations

When the dermatologist had me sign a waiver saying I knew there would be a scar and I wouldn't sue because of it, I thought but didn't say, "Well, there goes the Playboy shoot."

When he said, "No heavy bending, stretching, or lifting," I thought but didn't say, "Damn, and the new pole was just installed!"

I mentioned last November that I'd seen kind of an odd license plate. Today, I saw one that said IN2BATE. The owners thereof just have to be related.

Monday was 5 hours of neuropsych testing with a one-hour "break" for lunch, during which time I did the 344 question MMPI questionaire. Apparently, there isn't a website anywhere which will tell you what "Raymond Kertecz" and "archery and stamp collecting" mean. Irritating. They probably still won't tell me when I get my results on March 5th.

One small victory for English majors, though. One of the questions on the verbal general knowledge quiz was "Who wrote Faust?"

My answer?

"Well, it started out as a German folktale, then Christopher Marlowe wrote a play, Goethe wrote a novel (I was wrong about that, he wrote a play as well) and someone did an opera.

Perhaps I can't remember to send an e-mail to Codes when I need to, but I can bygolly remember all kinds of useless stuff!


~~Silk said...

The "Raymond Kertecz is my favorite poet" is a control question. There is no such poet, so a "T" response here says that either you are lying on some answers, or not paying attention. The "Kertecz" is a strange enough name that it's unlikely you'd confuse it with your real favorite poet, Raymond SomebodyElse.

Jammies said...

Thank you, Silk!

Mike from Eerie, Professional Smart @$$ said...

Reading this reminded me of two things:

1) in college i helped a friend out by taking some sort of quiz - one of the questions was: Who was Martin Luther King, Sr.? My answer: The father of Martin Luther King, Jr. All these years later I don't know if that was the right answer, or her pscyh class wondered what type of lunatic i was....

2) the first time i was treated for sleep apnea the dr and i had an interesting first conversation:

Dr: Do you snore?

Me: i dunno doc, i'm usually asleep at the time...

Dr: Would there be anyone else who would know?

Me: No, why, do you know someone?

(& thanks to the stupid word verification i will now attempt to go back to sleep singing, Camptown races five miles long, duda, duda)

herrad said...

Shame about the playboy shoot and new pole!!