Sunday, February 22, 2009

*Been around the world

and I, I can't find my froggie. :(

The cute little croaking froggie keychain Sherri disappeared from my keys some time between Thursday morning and Friday night, and has not been seen since. It's a cold, cruel world out there, and he will not be a happy froggie. Plus, I am not a happy Jammies without my froggie!

Mom and I did have fun Friday night at a local production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The daughter of a friend of hers played Hermia, and it was a really good production. The young woman playing Helena really made me think of the version of AMND that appeared in the Pibgorn strip, especially with her facial expressions. My only two snobservations were that A. The guy playing Lysander was about the last person I'd pick for any kind of love interest, and the guy playing Oberon was too pale, dark-haired and potbellied to be appearing onstage shirtless. Pleh!

Stitches come out first thing tomorrow morning, and if I didn't have a book to build, I'd be very tempted to take the day off and wallow in the bath tub. But I do, so I shall have to postpone my first celebratory bath until Monday night. If you need to talk to me, do it today or do it Tuesday. ;)

*sincere apologies to Lisa Stansfield!


Sherri said...

Poor Jammies! Poor Froggie! I will find you another one! Jammies cannot be froggieless!

Sherri said...

Haz you found Froggie?

I want you to know that SONG has been on swirling repeat in my head most of the weekend, only with your lyrical embellishment over the original words. Either I'm really liking your alterations or I'm losing my tiny, froggy mind.

Jammies said...

I haz not found Froggie. :(

Iz bafftime now, though!