Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Three

No bath.

I think I'm dying. I'm beginning to hallucinate about Kohler tubs and deliveries of mountains of free bath products.

Just ask me--I'll tell you the passwords, the secret recipes, the name of the mole, anything.

All I want is a bath...


Romantic Heretic said...

Just hang on, Jammies. It will all be over soon.


herrad said...

Hope your bath problems have been resolved.

and now for something completely different from Mike From Ererie said...

why am i flashing back to the Monty Python skit w/ Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam and "the comfy chair"?

Canuck Girl said...

I don't often get bath time right now...but I will have one in your honour. Let me know which bath product (of the ones you sent me for Christmas - except sandalwood's gone) you would like me to use.

Scott said...

Hang on a bit longer and then you can have the biggest bath blowout ever. It'll be a bath blowout so epic that tales of it will be passed down orally for generations by traveling bards.

Jammies said...

Thanks, Rob. *hugs*

Herrad, I've got a week to go!

Anonymous, I've not seen that skit, so I don't know why you're flashing back--too many drugs in the '60s, maybe?

Heather, shhhhhh--Jay wanted Sandalwood Vanilla and didn't get any for Christmas. You'll make him jealous! And really, any bath can be dedicated to me.

Scott, you will probably be utterly unsurprised to know that I was actually tempted to take the day off work and spend it in the bathtub. Sadly, I have a big time crunch at work and won't be able to do so. But you're welcome to start writing the epic poetry and auditioning some traveling bards!