Friday, February 27, 2009

The Book From Hell Saga Continues

The Book From Hell got more hellish yesterday. The attorney editor (someone I ordinarily enjoy working with and with whom I have a pretty good rapport) decided to start the pub review after a recruiting trip to a local college campus and before eating lunch, so he was tired and extremely cranky.

He decided the book needed to be rescheduled for early April.

Our immediate supervisor hit the roof because that would push it into the second quarter and our team already has a three-volume book that has been moved out of the first quarter.

At that point, I didn't care. My hard part was done. I'll build the book when I'm told to, with such changes as I am told to make.

By late afternoon, everyone had eaten something and was apologizing to everyone else; the supervisor said we can push it back by 2 days and still get it out by the end of March; the attorney editor realized I'd done a better job than he thought and the review wasn't going to take a week; and the authors weren't going to get to see the page proofs.

Enigman stayed late last night and finished his review of volume 1. I got all his changes made by noon, and told him to go get some lunch and I'd do volume 2 when he was finished with it. The authors promised to be good little boys and return any changes in two days, so when I completed all the changes, I sent .pdf files to Enigman and he was going to pass them on to the authors. The book will build on Wednesday instead of Monday, and then it will be out of our hair until next year.



Mike from Eerie president of the NWPA chapter of the Jammies Fancclub said...

You are very good at what you do. And its just not the nuts and bolts of doing it, but dealing with the people who you are dealing with...

And dealing with people is always a pain in the dupa. Even the ones you happen to like (hell most of the time they are the worse).

I hope you have been treating yourself to frequent baths.

You've earned them.

Mike from Eerie who needs to come up with shorter names said...

btw my intro line was supposed to read:

Mike from Eerie, president of the NW PA Chapter of the Jammies Fanclub...

Romantic Heretic said...

Glad things turned out well, Jammies. :)

Becs said...

Come back. I'm starting to get worried. Srsly.

Herrad said...

Wow well done.