Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dear Snickers,

Damn you, you horrible man. Okay, granted, I lent you some of my Terry Pratchett books, the ones about Death, but that did not call for such an extreme level of retaliation!

I have been pretty much safe from reading science fiction since Ender's Game and its sequels. I adored those books, but I thought there wasn't much new out there.

Did you really need to send me a copy of Hyperion? It was so good that not only did I finish it today, I did something I am not supposed to do under any circumstances.

I went to Borders.

Yes, I went to an actual brick and mortar bookstore, and worse, I paid retail! *gasp of horror*

To make matters worse, I couldn't just buy the two books that complete the Hyperion series. *bitter laugh* No, I bought four other books.

Why did you do this to me, Snickers, WHYYYYY?


Jay said...

You poor poor dear. How will you recover from such a slip off the virtuous path!?!

Jammies said...

Just don't tell Flannel Jammies on me, hokay?

Mike from Eeire who lurbses book stores..... said...

See in my mind there are few things better then wandering around a Borders or a Barnes and Noble and going book hunting. Yeah, I know you can sample books online in the comfort of your own home - doggie snoring at your feet, red jammies on, and purchase the books you need.

But to wander a Borders or, better yet, a Barnes and Noble, perusing the titles, even grabbing a book or two and sitting in a comfy chair and reading, with the soft music playing in the background....

Sometimes it takes me a while to decide if i want to buy a book or not - can think of one book where it was a couple of weeks of going back and forth - thinking, do i want this or not...

(now I used to do the whole go and get a hot cup of coffee thing, until i discovered the benefits of Tim Hortons and changed my tune completely....)

(by the way i actually met Canadians that don't like Tim Hortons - i figured they were coming to the US for sanctuary and had renounced their Canadian citizenship)

Romantic Heretic said...


I'm having the same problem with Harry Dresden. ;)