Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does this SUV make my butt look fat?

No, I'm not really going to buy one, but I've been thinking idly that it might be getting to be about time for a new car. I love my Saturn, but it's 11 years old, and sooner or later it will need work that costs more than it's worth. I've ruled out the Dodge Caliber, which would have been my first choice, because it doesn't come with an automatic transmission and I'm too old to learn how to drive a stick. The Passat wagon is too pricy for me, and Saturn, damn their eyes, doesn't make wagons anymore.

I wouldn't get a sport utility vehicle anyway, but the ones I've seen on the road recently look terribly pear-shaped. I've noticed a number of models that seem to swell at the middle. They resemble a bench full of heavy-hipped people seen from the back. I don't care what pretty colors they come in, I can't imagine driving a car that makes my butt look that fat and my head look even fatter for buying the damn thing. :P


Becs said...

Prius. Prius. Prius. Prius. Prius. Have I made my point? Prius...

Sherri said...

And if you can't do the Priapus, I'll let you test drive my Mazda3 :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck even finding a used Prius let alone a new one.

Too bad you don't live closer, my car now has 210,000 on it and still running well thanks to Santa's TLC.

I am thinking of a mini van next vehicle instead of an SUV. I rode in my cousin's Montana and was impressed by the room and that it got excellent gas mileage. All the seats fold down in back and you have the same room as in the bed of a pickup.

Romantic Heretic said...

Don't ask me about cars. I know nothing about them.

Except don't walk in front of them. ;)

Bookworm Mathgeek said...

There is no such thing as too old to learn how to drive stick. A manual transmission is a beautiful thing.

Seriously, though, you could learn in an afternoon. It would be time well spent if such a little thing was the only thing standing between you and your preferred vehicle.

Anonymous said...

My parents made me learn to drive in a 3 speed on the column pickup the summer before driver's ed. I have driven many stick shifts since then and have no doubt that you could easily learn to drive one. However, they are a royal pain in the ass for older folks with arthritic knees and other issues. I for one would take a stab in the eye with a sharp stick rather than go back to a stick at this juncture of life. In city traffic you are constantly depressing a clutch. PAIN in butt.

My apologies to mathgeek who is still young, male and probably has good knee cartilage.


Jammies said...

Becs, the Priapus doesn't come in a wagon, or I'd consider it.

Sherri, ditto for Bebe Bleu.

Z, plus, it's safer for adorable puppehmonsters to ride in the back of a minivan. You'll let Tessa pick it out, right? ;) And Bookworm over there is young, yes, but definitely not male (she's my sister-in-law).

Rob, that's a pretty important lesson, even if it is the only thing you know about cars.

Bookworm, I'm afraid that there is a "too old to learn to drive a stick," because that is where I am. I just don't think I have the brain cells to spare.

captain crossword said...

Subaru Outback. Wagon, affordable, good mpg, reliable, attractive (to my eyes). Check it out.