Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who needs coffee?

Really, why bother with two cups of coffee in the morning when you can start your day with a quarter-sized dark brown spider on your white shower curtain, leading to an adrenalin-filled chase with an old Skindecent lotion container?

Eventually, I got the sucker outside and twitched until noon.


Sherri said...

Not the kind of wake up I prefer...but it's one reason to keep an old can of White Rain around. Glue that sucker!

Anonymous said...

You said the "s" word!

Vacuum cleaner!


Scott said...

Ever see one of those really big wolf spiders? The ones that are so big you can actually hear them when they run across the floor?

I keep an old yardstick nearby for the express purpose of whacking huge spiders.

Romantic Heretic said...

You know it was more scared of you than you were of it.

Poor spider. ;)

*HUGS* Jammies.

Canuck Girl said...

I have a worse reaction than you to spiders...and I make JP take care of the problem because I am a wimp. I admire, and envy, your bravery.

Don't let Sherri fool you, she's not awake enough in the morning to notice the spider, much less take care of it :)

Becs said...

There were some wonderful spiders in Florida. No, really. A bombardier spider made its home in the shrubs in from of my house for years. On the other side was a crab spider. I used to check on them a couple of times a week.

But spiders are not allowed in the house.

Jammies said...

Sherri, I didn't want to kill him, he didn't look poisonous.

Z, at 6:30, I'm not thinking of vacuum cleaners.

Scott, if you whack them, gross stuff comes out. Ew.

Rob, I've heard that all my life and it's horseshit. Nothing could possibly more scared than I am of spiders. He's fine, btw, I saw him yesterday morning, climbing out of the jar (which I left outside with the lid off).

CG, us single girls have to adapt. Smooch JP for being a wonderful spider-get-ridder, okay?

Becs, I'll never be able to admire them, but they're allowed the whole outside. "Not in the house." Precisely.