Wednesday, October 22, 2008

*sigh* A little envy

Every time I turn someone else on to a book, I get a wistful little pang. I share books that I know and love, and when I talk someone else into reading them, I know that he or she is going to have an experience I can't ever have again.

While I love to read, and frequently re-read favorites, there is nothing like reading a wonderful book for the very first time. Watching someone else fall in love with a book or a series is fulfilling in the sense of sharing joy, but sad because for me, the joy and wonder of the first time reading that book are part of my past. There will always be other loves to come, of course, but still, I feel a pang for that first sight of something wonderful, knowing that particular moment is gone forever.


Anonymous said...

Oh Pamalamala, I do understand the joy in sharing a book or series with someone and that someone getting joy from it.

However, there are books that I have re-read 12 or 20 times because the characters in the story are like old friends. I know it sounds odd, but despite the fact that I know that they will grow as the story develops, I guess it just either helps re-enforce lessons I've learned or perhaps it reminds me of the things I still need to explore in my journey.

I could be completely full of shit of course and none of it really means anything other than a need to escape from the daily grind that is called work.

Then again, there is porn for that.


Anonymous said...

I just introduced Santa to James Herriot's novels. I am thinking of rereading them, but I have the stories memorized. It's fun to have him discuss parts of the books that I cried/laughed through so many years ago.


Romantic Heretic said...

I love turning people on to new books. Spreads the evil around. Mwahahahahaha!

Becs said...

Yeah, you can only lose your cherry once on "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. The same applies to movies - "Crash" (the Don Cheadle one), "Memento", etc.