Monday, April 28, 2008

Things you didn't know you needed, but you do!

First of all, everyone needs a Sock Zombie. They're undead and cuddly--what more could you ask for? You should also go read the blog belonging to Erin, the maker of these undead cuddly cuties.

Everyone needs a Squishable. A foot & a quarter diameter stuffed frog, pig, cow, tiger, sheep, puppy--how have you lived this long without one?

And finally, everyone needs to go read "The Perfect Scent" by Chandler Burr.

What are you waiting for? GO!


Fred da megalomanical chickn said...

An everyone needs a chickn.

rgraham666 said...

The zombie is so you, Jammies. ;)

Jammies said...

Fred, I swear you're getting a squishable rooster for your birthday. :P

*blush* Aw, shucks, Rob, you say the sweetest things.