Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Garden update

Some more of the obsessiveness Sherri thinks is cute, i.e. a list of where everything in my garden is right now.

Daffodils: Most are at half-height, some have reached full height and three have bloomed.
White grape hyacinths: Sprouted and budding.
Crocuses: Done blooming.
Purple grape hyacinths: Sprouted.
Lilacs: All have baby leaves.
White pussy willow: Catkins. Yay!
Pink pussy willow: Teeny-tiny leaf buds.
Mock orange: Too early to tell, I hope.
Clematis: New growth on all of them.
Lamium: Teeny leaves, but hopefully in good shape now that I've removed the cover of dead leaves.
Chives: Sprouted, growing vigorously.
Tulips: No sign of them, probably eaten by deer or bunnies.
Dusty Miller: Signs of new growth on about half, this is a victory because these are annuals from last year.
Irises: Apparently didn't make it. :(
Bluebells: Sprouted, some budding.
Hyacinths: Two sprouted & budding, one didn't make it.
Blue columbines: Two sprouted, one didn't make it.
Sweet woodruff: No sign of it, hopefully just because it's early.
Hibiscus & hydrangeas: Hopefully it's just too early for them to be awake.
Campanula: Appears to be growing, but is also a magnet for deer & bunnies, so who knows?
Weeds: Too damn many already.
Butterfly bushes: One didn't make it, the other five are doing well.
Viburnum: Doesn't look alive, but again, might be the earliness.

I'll revisit this list in a month and see how everything is doing. I am trying not to get my hopes up with some of the plants, as we did have a couple of truly vicious spells last winter. I've definitely lost my little Korean lilac. :(

On the other hand, I will be able to fill my house with daffodils soon!


Becs said...

Please, please drive east and get these mammoth Korean lilacs out of my back yard! I don't like them, never have (didn't plant them) and they insist on living.

Come get them. We can have a Becs fest and you can go home with your car bristling with lilacs.

rgraham666 said...

Good to hear your garden is doing so well, Jammies. :)

Sherri said...

Go get the lilacs! I'd get them for you, but that's a long swing east on the way to Jammiesfest.

Or Becs can come to Jammiesfest ]:D

I'm trying not to look outside, since most things are not coming with me. My rosemary hedge is beautiful, the roses (including the delicious Don Juan) are blooming madly, and I wish wish wish roses would root so I could at least try with them again, but most of these are Nelson roses and are bred for Florida.

I suspect I'll just have to comb the Jackson Perkins least I'll be in a new zone!

Becs said...

Sherri, I hated Zone 9 gardening. I never got the hang of it. By the time I was ready to put the tomatoes in the ground, it was already wayyy too late. Zone 6 - everything I love grows here.

Jammies said...

Becs, if gas prices weren't so high, I would. I have a friend in North Brunswick and I'd visit you both.

Becs said...

And very welcome you'd be. How about the train? We can disguise the lilacs as...I dunno, mannequins? Trees?

N. Brunswick is v close to Ma Maisonette.