Sunday, April 20, 2008

Icing on the Cupcake of Doom

Last night, my dad called while I was making Satin Balls. I was literally up to my wrist in raw hamburger, raw egg, molasses, oatmeal and wheat germ, and he wanted me to drop everything and go reconfigure my computer so he had remote access to it.

I was probably a bit oversensitive (I felt like he didn't think I was smart enough to do updates myself) and definitely rude. What came out of my mouth was "I don't want you accessing my computer." Whereupon he said fine, he'd call my aunt and do her computer and he hung up.

Tonight, I went out to the house to help him take Mom's car in for service, since she is in Texas this week. I attempted to apologize, but got brushed off and told a story about how he will never help my cousin again because she turned down his computer help once. "You only have to tell me once to stay away."

Lord. Don't ever question where I get my capacity to hold a grudge.

This weekend has SUCKED and I hope that my books are back from the authors tomorrow so I have something productive to focus on.

ETA: Last night's injection left me with a quarter-sized, raised, itchy welt, and now my father is sending me e-mails along the lines of "neener neener, look at all the eeeeeeeeevil things that are going to happen to your computer now that I'm not going to work on it." Argh.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't have a very good weekend. :(

I would have probably reacted similarly to how you did to your dad; I am sorry that he took it the way he did. I have a difficult dad myself, so, I am sending lots of hugs to you. I sympathize.

Jay said...

Honey, as you explained when we visited last year, your father is a control freak. One of these days you're just going to have to say, "Dad, I love you, and respect you, but you've got to get over when I choose not to accept your offers. This passive-aggressive behaviour is beneith you." (I've had to have similar conversations with my mother)

I would never allow my mother to have access to my computer remotely, nor my wife for that matter. Not that my wife can't just pick up my laptop and look through it at leisure... it is the principle that someone else has remote control of my system. uh uh, no way.

rgraham666 said...

Sheesh! Some people's parents. *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Give me remote access Pamalamala and I'll make sure it's clean :)