Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yaaaay! Spring!

Rooter is awake.

All but three of my lavender plants made it.

The lilac trees are just about to bloom, even the baby ones that are just two years old.

It's going to be sixty-five degrees tomorrow for the MS Walk.

My state tax refund arrived, so I can start paying medical bills and end all those annoying messages on my machine.

Oh, and Bigfoot got his spring allergy shot last night, and I've been rubbing aloe on his tummy. He is NOT going to be permitted to chew himself into surgery this year.

And I am too busy to go out and get my paws muddy until the weekend after next, but come May 3, I plan on being unreachable and filthy on the weekends. :D


Canuck Girl said...

Jammies, How do I successfully grow Cat grass? The studip kitten ate all of the plant that we were given (in a matter of weeks) and JP and I have difficulty with plants - other than tomatoe...but that is genetic on JP's part. PLease help.

rgraham666 said...

Rotter's back? Sweet.

Nice to know some things never change.