Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who forgot to tell me it's Monday?

Eeesh. Craptastic day today.

I finally got my paycheck, and it's $20 less than I expected. Okay, counted on, chickens or no chickens, hatched or unhatched.

When my mentor asked for help, I really thought I could be useful. Turns out I actually need the training on the proprietary software and fortunately, I admitted this before I made a huge snarl of her project. Still, I wanted to help and I feel inadequate for not doing so.

Then *trademarked product name* was being cranky and instead of just downloading files to the public server, I had to e-mail them to myself, convert them from .rtf files to .doc files and save them to the public server.

Finally, in asking Admin. Assistant 2 for help with getting my paycheck because Admin. Assistant 1 was out of the office yesterday, I stepped into a turf war and pissed off Admin. Assistant 3, who spent five minutes telling me all of my reasons for asking AA2 for help were WRONG, and I should have asked her, and I should never ever ever again ask AA2 for help, even if I am on fire and she is standing near me with water in her hand. And I got this lecture from someone with bleached blonde hair styled into a shag haircut.

Big surprise--I got hives and scratched my right hand raw.

Bad day on toast.


Mike From Eerie said...


I know you - you will have all three Administrative Assistants in your backpocket eventually.

Gonna get awfully crowded back there.

Sherri said...

Or just run Bleachy over with your car. Maybe put some Yuck on her coffee mug...I betcha you could do it and she'd never notice...

Becs said...

*hugs* Oh, chil', I know the feeling.

rgraham666 said...


Isn't work fun? ;)

Jammies said...

Thanks, my darlings--see today's entry for a much better attitude. :) *hugs*