Sunday, August 05, 2007


A bird post for Scott. ;)

When I went to let the dogs out late this afternoon, there was a hawk in the back yard. He took off almost immediately, but I had time to see that he was a pretty damn big bird, and that there was nothing in his talons and no yucky stuff on the grass. While I admire raptors and am appreciative of a chance to see them, I have to admit that I'm relieved that this one didn't get Rooter or what I have come to think of as Rob's bunny.

With a little research, I think it was either a red-tailed hawk or more likely a red-shouldered hawk. Either way, it was a beautiful bird, and makes me glad I live where some of the wild things are.

Of course, if it wanted to carry off a flower-eating deer, it would have my blessing. *grin*


Scott said...

Yay! Bird post!

I've seen hawks hanging around here a bit, screeching and swooping around the backyard. Once I saw one just outside a window ripping the feathers off a dove it had just killed. It was like some kind of feather-removing power tool. Then it saw me and flew off with its dead dove.

rgraham666 said...

Oh good.

I've lost quite enough bunnies, thank you.

I do love seeing raptors though. Magnificent birds. There was one living near here last winter. I saw him several times.

They don't often show up in the city. Bummer.