Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sometimes, I wonder what I did...

What did I do to deserve having my car rummaged through and all of my stuff touched? Actually, I know what I did to deserve that, I left the garage door open by mistake Friday night.

Less easy a mystery to solve is what I did to deserve the wonderful friends I have. Today was my training in Hyphenated Corp's proprietary XML-based system, and I did some serious brain-stretching today. At the very end of the day, when I was presented with the first book for which I am responsible, I had to spend about ten minutes discussing with The Nurturer what exactly the author was trying to do. In a section with fourteen footnotes, said author (an attorney) wants to add a new one, delete two, add three more, and tried to "help" by incorrectly re-numbering the footnotes. I think I have it figured out, but I didn't want to try it and screw something up at the end of a long day, so I will tackle it tomorrow morning.

On my way home, I stopped at the post office to pick up a parcel. The U. S. Postal Service is now requiring signatures for all deliveries from Canada. I guess someone has gotten wind of the insidious Canadian plot to take over by sending large quantities of moose poo through the mail. When I got home with my non-moose-poop-holding box, I discovered another box on the steps (apparently, UPS is unaware of any plots originating in New Jersey, other than a deep desire on the part of its citizens to get out). The Canadian parcel was from The Heather, and the NewJerseyian parcel was from MaryMargrt.

The World's Best Heather(™) sent me a Frosty Glitter bubble bar and a French Kiss bubble bar from Lush, two packets of lovely pens with different colored inks, a ten-pack of Playdoh(likewise ™), an Aspen Flower candle, two Italian soaps and six pairs of socks (one of which has frogs on it, and another of which is a lovely soft hot pink chenille--this woman gets me!).

As if that weren't enough, MaryMargrt is not only psychic, she's presciently so. Just last night, I was looking at bath fizzies from Propaganda Bath just last night, and today, I got her package, which had five of the little darlings in it--Orion, Cygnus, Diva, The Movie Star and Sadako's Snow. She also sent goodies from Isle of Eden, Fantasy Bath and a couple of yummy-smelling goodies from an unidentified company.

I don't know why I am so lucky to have such lovely friends, but tonight, I will smell almost as good as they made me feel tonight.


Scott said...

Do you have a separate wing of your house that contains nothing but bath stuff? Meanwhile, I have that one bar of soap. No, now that I think about it, I recall having two bars.

Sherri said...

She uses them as decoration. She hides them in closets (well, the really good ones). She puts them in her car. They grace her bathroom.

How long have you had that bar (or two) of soap, Scott? (you know you just pasted a "kick me" sign on yourself, right?)

Jammies said...

I only hid most of them when you were here so as not to trigger an allergy attack. And I use them up as they are intended to be used as well!

However, the thought of expanding the house to include a temperature-and-humidity controlled bath products room is quite tempting. It would have a really big tub in it, too. :)

Sherri said...

It would fit in the basement.

You really oughta ask your dad to put on his pants and give you a hand with that basement. It's such a super room.

Canuck Girl said...

But did you see the name of the lovely soft hot pink chenille socks????

I have more goodies coming for you...just you wait (and the Fabulous Floridians as well). BUt tonight I am just WAY too tired to figure out who gets what. I just got home from Italy and a travel day that started at 5:30 am Rome time. It is currently 2:15 am in Rome but only 8:15 here...I've got to stay up for at least 3 more hours so get my sleep cycle back on track.

Henry Cabot Henhaus III said...

is da mad duck still inna basement?