Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mad Scientist Sunday

Today, I accidentally made my first salt scrub.

I was trying to make a scrubby soap, but it wouldn't solidify (booo!). So I threw it in a bowl, added some more soap and some more salt, and used the hand mixer on it. It's mildly scrubby, mildy foamy, and very softening. Sadly, if you don't rinse thoroughly, it's a little sticky, but I can see getting addicted to playing with scrub formulas.

When I posted this on the Lush message board, I got lots of great comments from Lushies.

From MaryMargrt:

Yay Jammies...founder of Cockamamie Soaps and Salty Scrub Spurts?

From kogijiki:

[Mr. Kogi] has already come (lol) up (even more lol) with several ad slogans for you!!!!


Come on Kogi (not literally) love...share the slogans Spew forth the essence that is Willies Salty Spurt.

From Rogue:

Jammies! I have some friends that would love the new Spunky Soaps! Let me know when you have them available!

I love my minivan Lushies!

1 comment:

Jay said...

Your Product Line (name to be determined) now includes:

"Mr. Dick" soap
"Spunk Scrub"

you will need to come up with a mold for the

"Lady Orchid" soap bar

and a formula for

"after glow" bath oils