Sunday, May 03, 2009

So pastoral...

It is, of course, gardening time. I would be posting nine zillion pictures of my garden if I hadn't loaned my camera to Vintage Attorney for the weekend. This lack of a camera is also why I have not followed up on my toenail polish challenge to Spunky, the Queen of Toe Porn. As soon as I have my camera back, though, I plan to show that there are prettier polishes out there and no one needs to settle for orange.

Yesterday was busy but fun. Doc joined me for water-walking, then we sat in the whirlpool (not the hot tub) for a bit and yakked. After we'd dried and dressed, we went to an AutoZone parking lot, where I handed the fugly old ceiling fan/light fixture from the study to a gentleman who handed me $25 in cash. After that, we went to Mariachi Loco for lunch, and then to Temptation Nursery. I used the cash from the ceiling fan to buy two Snow-in-Summer, three Munstead lavender and a Purple Dragon Lamium. I will be going back to TN repeatedly over the summer, as I need more lamium, more lavender, some foxglove and whatever else I can afford. Doc has to go back too, because she didn't have her checkbook and TN doesn't take plastic. She's planning to follow in my footsteps and take her mom there to pick out a Mother's Day present anyway, so that's good.

On the subject of my title line, recently I looked out the back door on a sunny day. As those of you who have visited me know, the back yard sweeps down to the north property line, and although it's mostly weeds, it is very green at this time of year. As I looked, I could see a fluffy thing peacefully cropping the green grass under the bright blue sky. It was a scene that demanded the music from a Ralph and Sam short. If anyone knows the name of that piece of music, please let me know--I'm pretty sure it's by Grieg, but can't remember and can't find the name!

Anyway, the fluffy thing eating grass was not a sheep, but my beloved and not all that smart Littlefoot.


Romantic Heretic said...

Sounds like a lovely day, Jammies. Sounds like Littlefoot too. ;)

I spent most of yesterday in front of my computer conducting a promotional chat for my just released e-book.

Nothing a good night's sleep couldn't fix. ;)

Jay said...

yayz for flowers!

our garden is popping up roses ;)

Sherri said...

But weeds make excellent barfs!

(I miss Littlefoot and look forward to fuzzying him up!)

Zayrina said...

Morning mood.

Jammies said...

Rob, I hope you have been sleeping well otherwise.

Jay, yay for roseseses!

Sherri, fortunately, weeds don't make Littlefoot barfs. He just likes a lil salad from time to time.


the queen said...

Orange! Orange! Bitch it is so on.