Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color me weird

but I just can't allow my clothing to be uncoordinated. Last night, I wore a grey satin nightgown to bed. This morning, I put my red sleestak from Mallie over it and pulled on some red socks. I had to go down to the basement to start the laundry, and I couldn't make myself put on purple or blue or green slippers. I had to spend five minutes looking under the bed and in the closet for my red slippers. Then, when I got as dressed as I ever do on a day when I'm not leaving the house, I had on dark purple sweatpants and a light purple fleece top, so I had to change my socks and my slippers.

It's just a Jammies thing.


Sherri said...

Yup, you is weird :) However, your obsessions are not gonna hurt anyone, so be weird. I love you all the same (and I will remember to buy you things in color coordinated sets).

Romantic Heretic said...

And it's one of the many reasons we love you, :)

rogue said...

I guess when you are an old woman you will NOT be wearing purple with a red hat? :))

Jammies said...

Sherri, I don't think I can hurt anyone with my coordinating obsession, and you don't have to buy my presents in sets--I'll mix and match. ;)

Rob, thank you. *smoochies*

Rogue, you are SO right. :D