Monday, March 30, 2009

Two women, five degrees, one combination lock...

and the lock defeated both of us.

Mom had a horrible day, I had a bleah-ish Monday, and we both really needed our workout tonight. I am really pleased with the water walking, and I think that this is something I can stick with. I'm also offering guest memberships to JammiesFest attendees for any nights that my water class is held while I have guests. I won't skip my class, but I'll be happy to share the Natatorium!

The one good thing that happened today was that when I turned in my 2009 goals, my team lead said that she'd like to copy one of them and put it on everyone's goals AND she didn't change a single word. Yay me!

Oh, and Mom's going to ask Dad to get a key lock for our locker, lol.


Romantic Heretic said...

Evil combination lock. Bad! Bad! ;)

Zayrina said...

A Master's in Engrish and JD just were no match for a Master Lock.

Where are those maintenance men types when you need them?

Jammies said...

lol Rob!

Z, the family maintenance man type was at home enjoying his extra bachelor time, and we wouldn't have wanted him in the locker room anyway. The lock he got us says "Ace Hardware" on it, so it's always easy to spot our locker now!