Thursday, September 06, 2007

Must. Sleep. Soon.

The learning curve on this proprietary XML-based coding system is kicking my ass. I've been having bizarre anxiety dreams that wake me up at 2 a.m. and still having trouble falling asleep. I did get to vent both to Zayrina* and to Mentorella today, so I'm feeling a bit better, especially since the latter told me it takes about two years before anyone is really comfortable using the system. On the one hand, that's a long time. On the other hand, I know how to wait, and I'm already one month into the twenty-four, and now I know that I will learn this.

It would be easier, though, if law books could just use CAPS when it's time to EMPHASIZE something. Pfui. Mostly, this just drives me crazy because I hate making mistakes, really really really hate it. *sigh*

*I got to whine to Zayrina because her SO got confuzled and dialed my number at 8:00 this morning while I was on the expressway, whereupon I promptly lost my connection and for the five minutes I had to wait to call back I was worrying that said Zayrina was hospitalized or worse. Thankfully, she is fine and she now has a little extra ammunition for mockage of said SO.

KellyGirl's beloved rescue pooch, Termite, had to be put down this past week. Not only does my heart go out to her, but it makes me cherish the 'Foots and worry a little more about them. With any luck, KG will be visiting this weekend for some fur therapy. Littlefoot especially will be thrilled to have a human revelling in petting him.

Despite a cup of coffee the minute I got home (which should have kicked in by now, it's been an hour), I'm still sleepy as heck and trying to resist taking a nap. As much as I love naps and napping, if I take one now, I will be up late tonight and groggy at work tomorrow. This stuff is bad enough when I'm alert--I don't need to try to do it while I'm semi-comatose.


Zayrina said...

Didja know that Pamcell and Tramell look just alike on a cell phone screen through presbyopic morning vision?

As to your issues, I always say, a xanax at night takes care of the fright. Or ativan. Just one .25 so you can relax, but not turn into warm jello.

Sherri said...

Keep in mind that a mistake is only bad if you repeat it exactly the same way. Otherwise, it is not a mistake. It is an opportunity to learn.

(Yeah, I know, but it's TRUE! Write it down, post it over your desk. Mistakes are learning opportunities.)

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