Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Sherri no longer has the World's Cutest Shoes. I do. When Mom & I went shopping, I bought lots of pretty fall clothes, and then couldn't wear them until I got a pair of brown shoes. Yesterday, I bought them ($20 at Payless, yay me!) and today I wore them with my new brown skirt which makes me feel like a woodwitch, a soft brown sweater, and a tan & brown plaid blazer. I showered with orange gingerbread stuff, and today I felt like I looked good and smelled good.

Below is the adorable mug my friend MegaKogiMonster made for me. It was originally intended as a birthday present from a mutual friend, but this one has a tiny mistake (not pictured, so don't go cross-eyed looking for it) and Kogi couldn't bring herself to throw it away, so eventually she sent it to me and I love it. She's as talented as she is sweet.


Becs said...

Tres chic!

Scott said...

A very stylish fall ensemble. Is it fall up there where you live already? It's still summer down here.

Devil ducks?

Sherri said...

Devil Duckies! Collect 'em all!

The competition for Cutest Shoes goes on.

Jay said...

I fear, though your shoes are most cute and perfect for your feetz... I must declare Sherri's "Cutest Shoes in da world" to be cuter... of course, I am biased ;)

The duckies, however, rock... hands down!

Jammies said...

Becs, they are fall shoes in a fall color for fall clothing--of course you like them! :)

Scott, check out Archie McPhee for more devil duckies--some day, I will own them all! Bwahahahahaha!

Sherri, it's not so bad having the World's Second Cutest Shoes, you'll get used to it. :P

Jay, bias noted. Plus, you have seen Sherri's shoes in person, whereas you have only seen pics of mine. Mine are even cuter when you meet them face-to-shoe.

Bookworm Mathgeek said...

Archie McPhee is fun, fun, fun. Though I am a sucker for the Sushi collection.

rgraham666 said...

Nice shoes.

And I love the devil duckies. :)

Jammies said...

Bookworm, I smell Christmas pressies! :)

Rob, there shall be a devil duck with your name on it for JammiesFest next year. :*