Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Damn dumb dog

There are many wonderful stories to tell of my long weekend at the lake, but right now, they are obscured by the fact that Stubby had his bandage removed, and promptly started chewing the stub of his tail until it bled, despite the fact that he left everything alone until just this moment.

The two things that make it worse:

A. He was in Mom's car when he did this (I think I have all the blood out of the back seat upholstery).

B. Dr. Bob talked to me exactly the way he used to when I worked for him, as if I were not quite bright enough to do things to his standards but he expected me to try.

My hands itch. :-(


Sherri said...


I think Stubby wants to LIVE in the collar. I really, really do.

rgraham666 said...

Dogs. :rolleyes:

Jay said...

MUST CHEW OFF EXTREMITY!!! *gnaw gnaw gnaw*

where does that come from anyway?