Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Adventures of Stubby

Yup, Dr. Bob took two inches off my heart dog's tail, and he's home safe, sound and sulking. The white-wrapped stub looks pathetic, sticking out of the end of Bigfoot's plumy tail, and he's doing his very best impression of a miserable dog rug, flat on the floor. Because of the slightly elevated liver values, he's got antioxidants to take in addition to the antibiotics & pain meds. Tomorrow he will day-board at the vet's, then Amy will be here Friday to stay with him and I will be here Friday night. Starting Saturday morning, Amy will be with him 24/7 and she'll take him in on Monday for a bandage change.

I'm not sure how the interview went--it lasted for 40 minutes, which I hope is good, and they said I'll know in ten days to two weeks. The If Bunny hasn't left quite yet.

I woke up at 4 a.m. with hives and a migraine, probably from stress, so getting up at 5:40 tomorrow will probably seem like sleeping in.


the queen said...

You know that if bunnies are bad for your health.

Jammies said...

Yes, I learned from Sherri that they can leave toxic If Bunny poo everywhere.

Sherri said...

When Bunnies are less toxic, but more work. DumbbunnyDogs are expensive.

I think I'm going to have to invest in heavy drinking.

Jammies said...

The more you drink, the less you worry about IfBunnies, WhenBunnies, DumbBunnyDogs and saggy earlobes.