Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sulky puppy

There's some semi-gross dog information contained in this post, so two of my five readers may wish to simply look at the pretty garden pictures and then exit without reading the text.

Bigfoot is having his annual springtime allergy attack (not to be confused with his annual autumn allergy attack, which is identical but occurs at a different time of year). He's very itchy, and last night, he managed to chew his tail until the tip was positively flowing with blood. I scrubbed the bald raw spot down with Nolvasan, spritzed on a bit of Cortaid, called the vet for an appointment for a steroid shot, and stuck an ankle sock on Bigfoot's tail and put a ponytail holder over that to hold the sock in place.

His temporary new hobby is taking the sock off, then coming to lean on me to see if I still love him despite the fact that I am mistreating him. Once I find the sock and put it back on, he pads off to lie down and sigh heavily to indicate how miserable, humiliated and unloved he is.

Just wait until I clean out his ears later.


rgraham666 said...


Cute bugger, ain't he?

Sherri said...

Ya know, they ALL claim that "unloved" shit when you have to clip nails, clean ears, wipe eyes, comb out tangles, or give meds. They don't say a THING when you clean poop, wipe up vomit, wash bedding, accidentally step on a slimy toy in the middle of the night, or mop up pee.

Ungrateful wretches.