Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not my best Sunday

Oof and oww.  My day started with me spilling coffee on the counter and into an open drawer full of clean dish cloths, and then I went on to haul two 40 pound bags of softener salt into the basement and doing laundry.  Then I hauled 10 or so houseplants in from the garage and hauled raw water up the basement stairs to give them and their 10 cousins who were already in the house a drink.  I stepped on a stone in the garage and got a bruise on my heel right through my slipper.  I am sore, tired, cranky and so not ready for work tomorrow.

On the other hand, my nails look pretty and it's a short week.  So I am saying good-bye to this day and going to bed early.


Murphy Jacobs said...

Poor Jams!

Jammies said...

Ahhh, I'm just whining. I'll quit if no one pays attention to me. ;)

Rob Pearson said...

40 lb bags? Is that for preserving your victims?

Also, sounds like you're doomed to whine away.

Jammies said...

Silly Rob, lye is for victims, salt is for the water softener. :-)