Sunday, November 29, 2015

So much accomplished, so much yet to do

So far on this long weekend I have:

Gotten all the houseplants but one in from the garage, arranged and watered.
Gotten the final 40 pound bag of softener salt down to the basement and in the softener.
Done 4 loads of laundry and put clothes away.
Went to the grocery store and got my contribution to Tuesday's 'comfort food' lunch at work.
Moved my vintage trunk so it is under the antique map.
Gone out to Mom's house, watered her plants and sorted 10 days' worth of mail.
Cleaned the bathroom & kitchen sinks plus the tub & toilet.
Swept the kitchen floor.
Remembered to take the recyclables to the curb on Friday night.
Took compostables out to the pile.
Changed the sheets.
Changed to my holiday blanket and comforter (with help).



Things I still need to do:

Finish the laundry, including the fall comforter and blanket, and put it all away.
Sweep and steam the bathroom floor.
Take all the dog hair to the compost pile!
Set up my new nail polish storage system.
Shower, exfoliate, all that.

I'm realistic enough to know that the vacuuming may not happen along with the bathroom floor, because I definitely can't skip showering and washing my hair and I've only got one back and a few spoons.  Still, when I type up my list, I can see that I wasn't lazy, I did get stuff done, and if I did it with lots of breaks, then who cares?


Murphy Jacobs said...

You have done more than I've managed! Super Jammies!

Damn, right now I'm missing you. And LMPP. And my chair!

Rob Pearson said...

LMPP looks extremely helpful, in a 'Hurry and finish this so I can have a snack because I really want one and really deserve one' sort of way. Can't buy that sort of cheerleading.

All I've managed today is to tend to my medicating and untangle a few cables, so you're up on me, too. And I do hear you about the spoon lack.

Jammies said...

Mallie, LMPP and the chair and I miss you too. The new TV and couch are wondering what all the fuss is about. ;-)

Rob, not a snack, she wants on the bed once she's sure I've made it properly. She's been heppin for years and I finally got two good pictures. What you can't tell from either pic is that the tail is whipping back and forth like crazy.