Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Friday the 13th

started out thirteeny, as I looked out from the kitchen window and saw my recyclable can on its side and all of my recyclables in the driveway, both ditches and generally higgledy-piggledy.  Then as I drove to work, the dog at the towing place was sleeping on his back with his feet up in the air and I worried that he was dead.  I worry about that dog anyway, wondering if he gets pats and love as well as food and a doghouse. :-(

Then I got to work and it was all guardian's accounts and getting ready for Call Day and then it was 1:30 and I was being a bailiff and we had the fewest cases and the largest number of people we've had all year, and Magistrate H and I worked really well together.  Then it was 2:30, only 90 minutes of work left and I got to make one of my co-workers do a happy dance when I told him yes, my mom will bring back some of my brother's beer for him.

Then I went home and the headache hit, so I took a nap, ate dinner, loafed online and then went back to bed.

Today was much better.  My head only hurt a little bit, I got the presents for Texas all wrapped and out to Mom & Dad's for delivery.  Plus, Mom made an amazing turkey dinner because I will be alone on Thanksgiving, and then sent me home with pounds and pounds of leftovers, PLUS snack mix.

Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to laundry, cleaning another quarter of the breezeway, and moving more houseplants inside from the garage.


Murphy Jacobs said...

I really wish I could have come up this year. Jay goes in for his hernia surgery on the 20th so we are doing the "Catered" thanksgiving -- blessings be to Publix! Jay ordered enough food for the whole week.

But, it will give me time to work on a box...

Jammies said...

I ran back and gave Scary Bear an extra hug for you! And funny, I too am working on a Box. :-D

Rob Pearson said...

I am sleeping. Not in a box, just to be clear, although I probably could.

Jammies said...

I suspect that you would be unable to sleep in a box unless it was two sizes too small.

Cat Law.