Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beware teh Jammies, Enabler of DOOOOOM

Yes, in addition to luring Otterboyy up the Lush garden path, I've already gotten Mallie hooked on Skindecent, and the holiday season was my excuse for hooking her husband on both Lush and BPAL. If you want to know why I call him the Scarecrow, click the label for "Cast of Characters" and read the first entry. If you'd like to know why I call myself a troll, the short version is that I'm not all that fond of humanity, I like shiny things, and I'd rather live happily here under my bridge than just about anywhere else.

So the package of junk from under the bridge arrived at Casa Clemson on Tuesday, and I got a happy phone call from Mallie and Jay. The kitties would have said thank you if they weren't all nipped out, but the hoomans were still verbal. In addition to assorted Lush goodies (really, what better way to hook a masseur than with not one but two Lush massage bars?), I got Jay a bottle of Troll, which is a gorgeous clove-and-swamp BPAL. Sherri said she can't wait to smell it on him, which is the sentence every enabler wants to hear. ;)

In all fairness, I should warn my victims that it starts off simple, with a Lush product or two. Then, when I've got you hooked on smelling good, I'll lure you in to smooth, soft skin-land with sugar scrubs and it will always end in delicious niche perfumes.



Zayrina said...

A serum made from my scent loathing ( they all overwhelm me and make my nose run endlessly) blood is available as a cure.

Becs said...

Ha! The word verification is



Herrad said...

Happy Christmas.

Otterboyy said...

My bank account may not be able to withstand LUSH.

Enough said.

Sherri said...

Scarecrow, as it happens, smells quite delicious in Troll. Funny, the clove pretty much vanishes and the swamp transforms to "earth and forest".

Downside? Even a little tiny bit is STRONG for the first hour. Not killer-headache strong, but "Grandpa with the Old Spice" strong. Then it mellows.

Or he's already doing the man thing and lying about how much he bathes himself in it.