Saturday, January 17, 2009

A rug with Moses on it

The back story is here.

As a belated Christmas gift, TD sent me a bottle of Holiday Stress Relief bath oil from Black Phoenix Trading Post, and a surprise.

She had been told of the "mug with roses/rug with Moses" conversation, and was apparently looking for a latch-hook pattern to make me a rug. Thankfully, she couldn't find one, and commissioned Kogi to make me a mug, instead.

It is a mug with roses on it:

But SURPRISE! It's also a mug with Moses on it!

Truly a dream come true. :)


Romantic Heretic said...

Love the mug, Jammies

Mike from Eerie who likes Mooses said...

I had to reread it a few times - kept thinkin it said "a rug with Mooses on it"

morphy said...

that is so excellent. go forth and enable!