Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ack! Books and snow.

The thoughtful Zayrina sent her big snowstorm to Ohio, so I spent yesterday mostly in my recliner, checking e-mail from time to time and being glad I wasn't one of the very few brave souls who went in to the office. Apparently, Cleveland had a hard time getting and keeping the freeways clear, and the mayor suggested businesses start telling people to go home at 3 o'clock.

You'd think with an unexpected day off, I'd do something productive, but the fact is that I managed to pull a muscle over the weekend, which was pretty inhibiting in terms of boxing up books.

When the 'Foots go outside, I hook them up one at a time to a forty-foot airplane cable chain. They tend to wrap it around the well cap, and so I go out and unwrap it. Of course, when it's really cold, I usually stand on the back steps, pretend the cable is a jump rope, and "skip" it over the well cap. On Saturday, I turned the wrong way or something as I was doing that, and pulled the muscle that runs from my right armpit to the side of my right breast.

Yes, I sprained my boob.

This of course led to me not shoveling the driveway on Wednesday. I called the woman who used to plow out my driveway at the old place, and she's still doing that in the winter, so she came over and did a great job. Her family owns and operates an ice cream place in the summer, so plowing is her winter job.

In March, my mom and I are finally going to de-wallpaper and paint my study. In order to do this, I have to remove all of the books and bookshelves. Mom offered to help, but I usually tackle a project by working for half an hour, resting for half an hour, until the job is done. This would drive my Type-A mother absolutely librarian-poo.

However, given my current very sore state, I think I shall box up as many books as I can, and then ask Mom to bring over a dolly and help me move the boxes out of the room.

This is assuming I can get all of them boxed up. I keep noticing ones I'd like to re-read and realizing how very lazy I have been about listing them all on Goodreads.

If anyone would like to stop by and smack me, I could use the motivation.


Sherri said...

No, no smacking.

DVDs arrived, as you know, and we've already rewatched all of them :)

Romantic Heretic said...

Healing vibes for the sprained boob. *HUGS*

I was lucky. Only got eight inches of snow here in Toronto. Still, I'm running out of places to put it.

herrad said...

Hope your sprained boob is feeling better now.
Keep warm and happy.

Zayrina said...

Be happy that the weather is the only thing that moves from here to there.