Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Chuckery" ≠ "Oxbow"

It has now been over a year since I started at Hyphenated Corp, and while I've settled in well, I do miss my pretty much daily interaction with my mom and friend, Flannel Jammies. About ten days ago, she called with a suggestion that she expected me to dismiss out of hand--we should get together twice a week and exercise. I surprised her by responding to "Don't say anything, just think about it," with "Well, I was going to say yes, but if you want me to wait a week before I do..."


We agreed that we would start with walking before we lose the warm weather and the late-day sunlight, and that we would start the day after Labor Day. After several phone calls on Saturday and Monday, I was certain that we were meeting at the Oxbow area of the Summit County Metro Parks promptly at 5:15.

I came home from work, changed into shorts and a t-shirt, loaded the dogs into the car and was in the parking lot by 5:14. At 5:23, I did a quick drive through the other two parking lots in the Oxbow section and didn't see Mom. I returned to the parking lot nearest the trail and the 'Foots and I got out of the car. I walked them around a bit, trying to stay within sight of the parking lot. At ten minutes to six, I stuffed the dogs back in the car and told myself I would do one more circuit of the other two parking lots and then give up and go home.

As I was coming out of the second parking lot, Mom pulled in. She'd been sitting at the Chuckery Area since 5:15, because it was the first branch of the park she saw as she was coming from work. She admitted she hadn't even looked at the sign, just pulled in and waited. It took her 2 phone calls to my house and half an hour before she wondered if she was in the wrong place, and she was actually heading for my house when she saw the Oxbow sign and pulled in.

So we were a little late, but we had a great walk. The trail is 1.2 miles long, edges the Cuyahoga River in a couple of places and is pretty much always within earshot. It did have one stretch that was essentially "Climb this here big hill and we'll put in some railroad ties you can't really pretend are steps," but hey, that's good for the calf muscles!

Mom and I talked as we walked, and laughed a lot, and she kept apologizing until I wanted to smack her (she stopped when I told her that!) and generally had a great time. I'm looking forward to doing it again Thursday night, but without the bit where I drive around parking lots in a car full of panting, smelly 'Foots.

Oh, and both of them drank a bowlful of water each and then crashed out for the rest of the night. I still had to water the plants, bathe, set up the coffeepot and make my lunch for today. Rough life those dogs have...


Romantic Heretic said...

Sounds like fun. :)

Sherri said...

So, did Littlefoot give you the Big Sigh of Impending Death March, or was he too excited at the prospect of potential new butts to sniff?

Anonymous said...

You do realize my eyes glow green with envy over yours and FJ's relationship?

I am also so pleased you are starting an exercise program.

Dampy said...

I can't tell the 'U's from the 'V's in the word verification!

That said, did we drive by that trail at one point? If so, I am incredibly jealous you get to walk there.

Jammies said...

Rob, it is, and it will be more fun as my endurance increases.

Sherri, he was actually very businesslike about the whole thing. He wanted to keep moving when Bigfoot wanted to stop every two steps and take long, leisurely sniffs.

Z, if I could wave my magic wand and bring back your mom, I would. Or if you'd been smart enough to have been born in Ohio, you could be my neighbor and join us.

Dampy, the one we went past was Sand Run park, and we haven't done that one yet. However, that may be next week's walk. :D Sorry about the word verification silliness.

Bookworm Mathgeek said...

I am just dropping in to applaud your elegant use of ≠. It's one of my favorite symbols, and it's nice to see it utilized so cleverly.